一个被逐帧分解的影院入口 Crimson sequence

Admun Studio 

Admun studio成立于2010年,由Amirreza Fazel(德黑兰大学建筑艺术硕士)和Seyed Shobeir Mousavi(阿扎德大学德黑兰中心分校建筑工程学士)共同创立。在2016年,Mahdi Kolahi(索雷大学建筑工程学士)加入了团队,为事务所的发展注入了有生力量。

Admun studio was founded in 2010 by Amirreza Fazel (Master of art in achitectural technology from University of Tehran) and Seyed Shobeir Mousavi (Bachelor of art in architectural engineering from Azad University, Central Tehran branch). Later in 2016 Mahdi Kolahi (Bachelor of art in architectural engineering from Soore University) joined the team to develop the studio’s activities.

团队成员在建筑领域的多年努力累积了相当丰富的经验,在与伊朗著名建筑公司不断合作的同时,也进行着有关于艺术和建筑的相关研究,并对伊朗的古代建筑和当代世界建筑都保持着深刻的认知,从而进一步巩固了工作室成立的普遍性原则,以综合的哲学体系为导向,满足当代建筑的多方面需求,从而最终提高人类的生活质量。截止到目前为止,基于上述原则,Admun Studio已经成功地设计和构建了多个吸引眼球的项目,并荣获多个国际大奖,在不同的国家以网络、杂志和书籍为媒介,进行广泛的推广与宣传。

Years of working experience and effort of the team members in several fields of architecture, cooperation with famous Iranian architectural firms and conducting serious research on different theories in the field of art and architecture with a special attention to Iran ancient architecture and the world’s contemporary architecture inspired the team to establish the studio’s principles based on a comprehensive philosophy that responds to different required aspects of architecture today in order to increase life quality of humankind. Until now, based on the mentioned approach, Admun Studio has been successful in designing and constructing several projects which have attracted international attention that resulted in achievement of international awards and the projects’ publication in different national and international online and paper magazines and books. 



        设计:Admun studio

        Admun studio被委任设计Tiraje 2的影院大厅,这是Boshra影院旗下的第一家分店,位于一家著名购物中心的美食楼层。空间以绯红色为主题,结合动态序列的结构,营造出空间的全面体验感。

        Admun studio was commissioned to design Tiraje 2 cinema lobby, the first branch of Boshra cinema complexes which is located on the food court’s floor of this well-known shopping center. The lobby is showcased as a dynamic sequence within crimson context, creating a different spatial experience of views, horizons and motions. 

© Seyed MohammadHossein Sadatian

© Seyed MohammadHossein Sadatian


        It was inconspicuous in the background due to inaccuracy in its entrance design contributed to the fact that most customers of the shopping center were naware of the existence of the cinema complex. 

© Mehdi Kolahi

© Mehdi Kolahi

© Mehdi Kolahi


        Before renovation, the lobby consisted of two surfaces with an approximate two-meter difference in height connected by stairs, in other words, two inactive spaces and an access path. 

© Mehdi Kolahi

© Mehdi Kolahi


        Since, cinema is essentially cinematic, it is not compatible with inactivity. Hence, the lobby is designed to invite users inward within a mysterious path like an actor on a film location, carrying them through red carpet frame by frame and in combination with the scenes being created by the movements of the users within different sections of the project, the lobby is showcased as a dynamic sequence within its context, consequently, creating a different spatial experience of views, horizons and motions. 

© Seyed MohammadHossein Sadatian

© Mehdi Kolahi


        For this purpose, the lower surface of the lobby is divided into three sections rising from the floor level reaching the upper mezzanine in the form of a sloped surface. The railings of the surfaces go up and reach the ceiling. Their extension continues to the ceiling turning into multiple linear recessed lights, breaking the visual continuity into several frames as the user walks through the space. Afterwards, everywhere is covered with a red color so that the whole lobby space turns into an integrated volume within the food court space.

© Mehdi Kolahi

Plan   平面图

Section A   A区立面图

Section B   B区立面图

Section C   C区立面图

Section D   D区立面图

        项目名称 / Project: Crimson Sequence
        设计公司 / Design Studio: Admun Studio 
        主案设计 / Chief Designer: Shobeir Mousavi, Amirreza Fazel, Mehdi Kolahi
        设计团队 / Design Team: Masoud Almasi, Farshad Habibi
        结构顾问 / Structure Consultant: Soheil Asef 
        摄影 / Photographer: Seyed MohammadHossein Sadatian, Mehdi Kolahi 
        设计时间 / Time of design: 2017
        完工时间 / Time of completion: 2017
        项目 / Location: Madani St, EmamAli Highway, Tehran, Iran (http://goo.gl/maps/BVEfF8uEnbL2)
        面积 / Area: 130 m2
        主要材料 / Main Materials: 地毯、油漆、石膏板 / carpet, paints, drywall

        主要品牌 / Main Brands: Royal Carpet, Piccocolor, Iranknauf



         临江一楼 写意徽州